We travel in a van, make games, and ask independent developers how they make theirs. Think Man Vs. Food meets Indie Game: The Movie.


The series is about asking a question. Every episode is a question about game design that we think the studio we’re visiting is trying to answer. As we travel to their studio in the Indie Van, we explore the answer to that question ourselves in the form of a game jam.

What Does An Episode Look Like?

Each episode begins at Binary Solo Headquarters, where we dissect a company’s catalogue of games for a game design question. For example, say we are going to travel to Telltale Games. They usually make games that involve branched storytelling and choices. The question for them might be ‘Is truly consequential branched storytelling actually possible in video games?’ This is a question many folks have asked about game design over the years. Once we have The Question that is right for the studio, we hop in the Indie Van and game jam along the way, trying our hardest to answer the question ourselves. When we arrive at the studio, we interview the developers and ask them The Question – then we show them the current state of our game jam and see what insights they have. Now, armed with the sage wisdom of the masters, we finish the game jam in the van on the way home and release it with the episode as a digital download. (More on that later.)

A Series?

Yes, indeed! We have filmed 7 episodes. That means we have 7 web episodes, featuring 7 (or more!) indie developers, spanning 7 different cities, and delivering 7 small game jam games which range from totally awesome to… not quite there! These games are made available for download at the same time the episode airs, so you can join us on the adventure.

Plus Games?

Games as well! Every episode features us doing a Game Jam that seeks to explore The Question that we are posing to the Indie Sages. As we make our way around North America, we meet both success and failure in making bite-sized games in numerous styles in a bite-sized amount of time. Whether we win or lose, you can check out the awesome or awesomely bad results for yourself. Right below each episode you can download the game from that show.