We Got a Van!

That’s right! We found a ’95 Dodge Ram Van. It’s a Regency Conversion, which means it’s got a high top, a television with VHS player, and sweet track lighting! We’d be hard-pressed to take our small budget and find a van in better condition. (Not to say it doesn’t need some fixin’ itself.) Over the last few days we have been working with a mechanic to get the van in fighting form.

Things I learned in the past few days doing that?

The engine rides shotgun.

2013-12-13 12.31.04

How to test for stuff.

2013-12-13 12.30.28

How to bleed the brakes and more.


So now that we have the van all fixed up, it’s time to go to Chicago! Yup, right now! We are actually headed to Chicago today. If you want to follow along as The Beast makes it’s maiden voyage along with the Binary Solo crew, watch out for #indievangamejam on instagram!

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